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Brazil, the Beach and Bikini

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

If anyone has a fear or lacks the confidence to step out onto the beach in a bikini, Brazil is the place for you to do so. We've spent a lot of time walking up and down the beaches. I normally wear a whole piece bathing suit. I grew up a bit more conservatively and only had a bikini once in my 20's. What's different about Brazil is the acceptance and non judgement of people when they are at the beach. You can be of any shape, size or colour, have perfect or imperfect skin, cellulite or no cellulite and no one judges you. There's no heckling, no looking at anyone up and down. People just enjoy themselves here.

I've done some brave things in my life, but stepping out of my hotel room in a bikini, walking along the streets like the Brazilians and walking along the beach in it was the bravest thing I've done concerning my body this year. When you're not used to wearing one, it is quite a courageous thing to do! To some people it's probably no big deal, but it mattered to me. I had fun just being who I am, as I am. What I absolutely love about this country is the wide spectrum of gorgeous bright colours in the clothing. I'm in my very happy place staring at the clothing in this country. It's like having happiness therapy through colours. I chose a bright yellow bikini for myself that I just love and will enjoy. To add to the fun, I decided to try on all shapes and colours of bathing suits before I chose the yellow one. I thought I would pick a different style, but hey, it's such a sun shiny happy colour, how could I possibly leave without it?

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