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Celebrating My New Website!

I am so proud of the decision I made last week to get help to clean up my website. Learning to create a website on Wix was easy for a beginner like me and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to do it and has no experience. I've published close to 250 blogs and thought it was time to have a more professional look. My Assistant and I were creating another site, but it was slow work for us as we were figuring things out. On Friday I made the decision to ask for help and it arrived immediately. It was a pleasure to work with John from the company 16 Reasons ( He promised me in 24 hours the website would look different and it did!

I considered changing the photo of myself jumping at the beach, but John said it was the perfect All Inspiration! picture. I was tired of seeing it. After he said he liked it, I remembered why I chose that picture. It was taken on my 5th "I Quit" anniversary. I was jumping for joy celebrating where I was. Five years after quitting my career, I couldn't believe I was at the beach of all places and in Europe. It was as if, in that moment, my life was like someone else's that I dreamt about. I almost couldn't believe that it was actually my life. Yes! I made a big move to not work in an office and sit at a desk. Hmmm, yes, I agreed, it is the perfect picture. I lost sight of what the picture was about. It was great to remember it again and keep it.

What a trip down memory lane these blogs are to me. I'm actively categorizing each one and taking the time to read them. I am also happy that I said "Yes" to my friends Oana and Vera who asked me to blog so that they can follow me as I travel. I want to personally thank them for encouraging me to do this. This blog has also brought new acquaintances and friends into my life from different countries. It has helped me to reconnect with people in my past.

This month I am getting ready to set my 2023 goals with Ernest. This is something that we enjoy and take seriously as it drives the direction of our lives. I will write more about this later in the month. In 2022, having a much better website was one of the things I deeply desired this year and voila!

There are also some big things happening to me in November and December, but, you'll have to stay tuned to read about them as they unfold.

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