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Celebrating Where I Am!

I suddenly came to my senses when I woke up on Friday. It finally hit me where I am in life. It was like standing at the border of Spain and Portugal. One foot is in Portugal and the other in Spain and I could play that foot game all day long and get nowhere but enjoy it for some time.

I started to think about all of the big shifts that have happened since October 10th when we left Canada. I was explosively happy! I am in an incredible place in my life right now and I finally felt it!

I literally have the whole country almost to myself as a tourist. How neat is that? I love what I am doing now by discovering who I truly am. I don't have to rush through life until I expire. I am receiving so much clarity in my Me Time.

I don't really have to clean a house. In the places that I've stayed, the cleaners come in and do it. I am having the time of my life living in other people's places. I have cooked in so many micro kitchens. I have had to learn how to prepare my meals without measuring anything.

My biggest celebration this week is jumping on to a scale and embracing my own reaction to it. Yes! I had a weight increase. In the past I would shriek, beat myself up and dive into the next exercise and diet program. This time I was so happy! What a mind shift!

I realized if I want to continue to live this way for some time, traveling to different countries, the weight gain is here to teach me things about food in other countries and how I can benefit from it. Now I am learning about myself and food from a completely different angle so that I can adapt to eating differently in each country I visit.

My mindset is HAPPY. I am doing so much more of what makes me happy and maybe even a little more hippie! 😁❤️😁

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