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Change Has Me Speechless

The year 2021 is a Year of Change for me. The first quarter is not finished and already everything in my life is radically different. I discerned last year that even the way I functioned would have to change and it's now a reality. I'm seeing that platforms which I used before are now too small. I guess I am outgrowing things, like a growing child. A four year old child can no longer fit in the clothing of a three year old. New solutions are being sought.

Many times in the transition of the former to the new, life can feel like a royal mess. My hope is that things will smoothen out and support comes in. One thing that I have decided is not to run from the change, but to run towards it. I don't always immediately embrace it, but when I do, it works out for my good.

I sometimes find that the old rhythm of life is no longer in tune with me. It's like I am dancing to an off beat tune. It's not that I'm disorganized, but suddenly there's more responsibility and new things to learn, new people in my life, a new country, a foreign language and nothing is the same. Perhaps it is time to create a new song. I guess I'm no longer in high school learning to play the screeching recorder. Maybe, just maybe God wants me to be in a symphony!

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