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Day 12 of The 12 Days of Christmas

This month eXp Portugal opened for business. We're very grateful that our team is growing.

The eXp Portugal office pictures and posts is generating interest, especially in North America. This blog is being seen in places that I've never dreamed of. Thank you for reading it and encouraging me.

We started to explore the city by foot when we were taking breaks. It's quite beautiful and even though Lisbon looks big on a map, it isn't. The gift of being able to eat out occasionally is not just the fun pictures that you see posted on social media. There's gratitude behind it because we know we're supporting someone's livelihood at a very difficult economic time. I began to have a new appreciation for the street musicians as I listened to some of them through the open windows.

It's been a joy to bring Lisbon and Portugal to rest of the world virtually and to show the beauty of this country.

Ernest enjoyed his 59th birthday tremendously, one part outside and one part in lock down. He said this year he received the most birthday wishes than any other year in his life.

We miss our families and friends, especially as this is the first time we have no one around us at Christmas. But there's such a deep contentment we both feel in how God has blessed us and how deeply satisfied we are living the way that we do.

Merry Christmas 2020.

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