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Day 4 of The 12 Days of Christmas

April 2020. I remember the grocery shelves being bare. The toilet paper phenomenon was in full swing. We made trips to my favourite store, Giant Tiger for fun activities to do at home. I picked up colouring and we did endless puzzles together. I was able to support my brother and his family in moving to their first house.

We encouraged my mother to engage in a senior's exercise program. She used water bottles for weights. There was a shortage of masks. Anything that we could find to use as a mask we purchased "in case".

I began to go through some bins and found pictures of myself playing the steel pan. I also sent cards to various people to cheer them up and keep in touch.

On one of those days when it was safe to venture out and take a walk, we were pleasantly surprised to experience the painted rocks with inspirational and funny messages along a path by the lake, lifting our moods in such a sombre time.

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