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Enjoy Your Vacation!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Ernest and I find it hilarious that people around the world think we are on a really long vacation. Recently there seemed to be much more of that. They see the social media posts of us traveling and constantly wish us a great vacation. This is our life of traveling and working but no one gets to see how we work.

When it is move day, we don't do as much work because the packing, cleaning up, driving and checking in takes a bit of time. On the other days, we are already up and running by or before 9 am and our days vary depending on what needs to be done as well as which time zone we are accommodating. Life is different when you run your own business and choose to travel. The one thing we understand about each other is our lives can look however we want it to. We put no limits on God and no limits on life. I grew up with the image of the white picket fence home. Been there, done that. God gave us a big beautiful world to experience and we would love to see more of God's beautiful creation and people.

The decisions that we made when we were married about what we wanted our lives to look like in 10 years made a big difference to what would happen and it opened up this opportunity to live the way that we do. It also took work, risks (successes and opportunities to learn), trust, discernment, all kinds of people moving in and out of our lives and endless praying. Living this way enhanced my spiritual life because many times I had to trust God for the direction and clarity. Every day there is something big to pray about.

In the coming months I will be speaking about these topics on my Zoom meetings: Our Image, Courage, Happiness, Forgiveness, Prayer, Money and Marriage. I will be sharing what I learned and hope to see you there.

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