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Everything Will Work Out Excellently

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

There are many things that are all up in the air in my life right now. I could allow it to preoccupy my mind, but I chose to let it all go instead. These are very big things that would ordinarily make my body feel really tense and I would lose sleep if they do not come to fruition successfully.

The peace that I have instead is glorious. I know that everything will work out excellently. It's not the first time that I have done this, surrendering everything. I don't do it often enough in my life. In fact, I have an excitement about anticipating what is going to happen and seeing how it will all unfold.

My father lived his whole life by believing this, that everything will work itself out. My mother would fret, sometimes worry and even get angry when she heard him say "Lynette, what are you worrying about? Everything will work itself out." She tried to control the situation at hand and when things were not working out, she'd want to control more. Thankfully we learned that what my father believed always happened. Everything always worked its way out for the very best.

This is what inspires me. I might feel like I am going into the lion's den sometimes, but God always always shows up with a better purpose and plan for my life than I could even dream of. Yes, everything works itself out excellently.

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