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Exploring A New Path

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Recently I felt as if I needed some inspiration. I reread the book Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling by Dr. Wayne Dyer and completed it yesterday. Today I was reminded to add more spontaneity into my day, so we took a little hike after lunch, not knowing what to expect en route to our destination. In Dr. Dyer's book there is a story of his experience with a monarch butterfly that was meaningful to him. I remember thinking about how the butterfly stayed with him for a long time.

Today on our walk I stopped to take a break and a butterfly landed on my leg. It stayed there for about a minute, then proceeded to travel down my leg, snuggling at my foot, and eventually it walked on the ground. About two minutes later it flew away. A short while later I looked up from where I was and saw a most beautiful, peaceful scene. There were two sailboats in the ocean. The sun was out, causing the water to glisten. This was inspiration!

Taking a new path doesn't have to be fearful. It could be very inspiring especially if you take the time to pay attention to what is around you. You may see and experience things out of the ordinary. In this case, by stopping to rest when I was tired, I received the gift of the snuggling butterfly. I also saw so many plants that I had not seen before and beautiful hedges of wild holly. One section of the path was covered in these tiny mauve flowers that were so close to the ground, I would have missed them if I was not in this mindset of desiring inspiration. The shade of mauve is one I had not seen since my childhood. If you want to make your day extraordinary, slow down and have fun exploring a new path.

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