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Finally, a proper kitchen!

Traveling in the way that we are means many times we do not have access to a kitchen, or we have a kitchenette, which is tiny. If we can have our breakfast in our rooms, we do that to minimize our cost.

Early in the trip I purchased black pepper, olive oil and garlic powder. Normally I would cook with the herbs and spices from the large selection I had in Canada.

This week we are in a place with a great kitchen, so I went to the grocery and thought about what would support me the best to add flavour to the food I prepare that would be easy to travel with. To minimize the number of spices, I purchased a few prepared ones like Louisiana flavour, Mexican, Chinese and a few staple herbs like thyme, bay leaves and oregano. I found my favourite travel hot sauce, Tabasco! MMMM. The curried dishes I have had in the restaurants in Portugal have been excellent, so I don't need that to satisfy my craving.

Off to make avocado toast and eggs with a Mexican flavour!

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