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Fit at 50!

I remember when I was in my 20's I had a burning desire to be fit at 50. I'm not 50, yet I think about that desire often and the journey that I've been on with this body of mine. I've been through being overweight, getting fit, weight loss from stress and weight gain from happiness as food was celebratory for me.

For the past two weeks and especially in the last week I've had to use all of my physical strength to accomplish what was before me: de-clutter and move things out of two homes and clean one of them from top to bottom. I'm talking about heavy lifting and being on my feet for the entire day.

I thank God that I faced the reality of what I had done with my body last July.

Today I am inspired by people who are fit, especially people older than I am. I used to find fit people intimidating. Now I've been asking them about their journey of fitness. For many it was simply always walking and intentionally reducing or eliminating foods that do not support their bodies. WOW, as simple as that! I of the people I asked was an 87 year old lady who kept up with me this weekend and even wanted to help to lift the heavy furniture my husband and I were carrying.

I love the scripture from 1 Samuel 30:6 where it says "but David encouraged himself in the Lord." Other translations are "but David strengthened himself in the Lord." Once I made the decision to change, I relied on this scripture many times to keep going. Sometimes I need that encouragement and other times I ask God to help me to strengthen my physical body. I am blown away at the support He's sent and the life lines He's gifted me. Taking care of my physical health has helped me greatly in taking care of my mental, emotional and spiritual health too. This is what I love: I had a lot of weight and emotional baggage to release and lots of strength and blessings to gain!

If you're stuck, please reach out. I struggled with making the choice of what I would want to do for exercise until I discovered some gems that led me to where I would succeed.

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