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Getting Ready To Leave Porto

We've been in Porto for almost two and a half months. Now it's time to carry on, a little further north to see what it is like closer to the northern border between Spain and Portugal.

I have really enjoyed our time here. One of my favourite experiences was the visit to the Chocolate Museum. It was a trip down memory lane. My grandmother owned a cocoa and coffee estate in Trinidad and Tobago and I had some experience in the growing and harvesting of the cocoa and coffee beans, right up to the preparation for wholesale. Her cocoa was sold to Cadbury's in England. What a joy to learn about the evolution of this wonderful product!

Today I am praying and preparing to speak about forgiveness in my Zoom meeting. It is a big topic. In a hurting world, perhaps a little more forgiveness would brighten our lives and take some of the fears and pain away. If you wish to join me, please send me an email at and the link will be sent to you. I would be honoured to see you there!

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