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Getting Real with Myself

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I was looking back at pictures of myself when I had stopped exercising my body and it became weak. I lost my physical strength and felt myself aging rapidly. It might not have looked that way on the outside, but internally I sensed something was going on. Then I looked at pictures where I was at the peak of my health with nutrition and exercise and I smiled, remembering how great I felt.

With our constant traveling, eating and exercising are not the same as if we were settled down into our own home and community. I've shared many times that we frequently do not have access to a kitchen so we are buying our meals.

I overindulged in Greece. I mean, I really really overdid it. I ate everything and one very hot day I had ice cream 3 times. I was about to beat myself up, then I put things into perspective. So, I took 2 weeks out of my life to feast and I did get to the point where I had enough. I learned how rapidly I can change the shape of my body. I did have one saving grace. I didn't stop moving. Everyday I was walking for 10 to 12 hours. I believe if I didn't walk to that degree, I would be out buying loose clothing to fit into. I sausaged up a bit but thank God still able to fit into my normal clothes. Phew! Returning to Portugal, made it easier to get my eating back on track thanks to the simplicity of the food.

Yesterday I started to exercise again. I know what I face - the mind battle that the bed is more comfortable than exercising, healthier eating, proper sleep and hydration. To get me going each day I chose my favourite online trainer, Amoila Cesar. His tough love attitude with humour makes me want to see what he has in store for me each day. His training sets me up for success as his programs build the foundation first. So this week might be easy, but it's quite an awareness week for me to see where I lost my strength.

Coming back to those pictures of myself, I am inspired at how great I felt, how much younger I looked and how much better my clothing fit me when I was in shape. I am also inspired by looking at people my age and older who keep in shape. They have more energy, look younger and are able to do more with their bodies. I noticed when I don't have exercise in my life, I lack discipline and commitment in other areas. It's a block to success for me. I exercise with scriptures in my mind. There's a spiritual connection to everything I do, so I am digging into my Bible to see what God says about this exercise journey and logging my journey and scriptures. This time around I'm remembering that I am a steward of this body that God gave me. When I face Him, if He asks me "What did you do with your body?" Well, I will have to speak the truth about what I did with it. Spiritual growth can require pain. It's the same with exercise. Growth requires some pain. Exercise Day 2 is complete, over and out.

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