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GO BIG!!!!

I am sitting in the apartment, listening to a saxophone player play such beautiful Christmas music from the public square nearby. The music is making me happy.

I can't contain my excitement!!! Today is the pre-launch day for what we have been waiting on and working towards. Ernest and I are in the background, but today is the day for Guilherme to shine and this company, eXp Realty, to display itself for the country of Portugal.

I am blasting out to the world, invitations to join us. This day is a game changer not just for this country and Europe, but for us. We know that our lives will change by the grace of God but we just don't know how. That's my excitement, to experience that change, be a big part of it and to do what God wants me to do, to go where He wants me to go and see and experience what He requires of me.

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