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Goodbye Greece, Hello Gratitude!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Our vacation in Greece has ended. After the lockdowns, it was heart warming to see people having fun again, being on tour buses and seeing businesses thriving with the tourists shopping. Nothing can replace the joy of tourism.

Now that I'm back in Portugal, it's time for a little reset of the mind and daily practice. Taking a break for a late lunch today, we walked along one of the beaches. Seeing all of the people sun bathing, bathing in the sea and having fun on the water made me remember what a totally different picture this was of summer by the sea a year ago. I turned around to look all around me and appreciated the scene of being back to a normal life.

Since the experience of the long lockdown, I'm learning to take time each day to appreciate something specific about the day that I have a very deep gratitude for. It might be something that I wouldn't ordinarily notice, specific flowers or something with a splash of colour, a scent, a flavour, different birds. These things take my mind off work and make my mind feel as if it is getting the break it needs.

I even have a much deeper appreciation for people. While having a haircut, a manicure and pedicure I express my gratitude even more. How can I forget "COVID hair" when we did not have access to the estheticians and hairdressers? I am more grateful towards anyone who serves me. Having people back to work is not just about jobs but about service and gratitude towards one another.

I can't imagine living this life and not stopping to enjoy what is right around me. God gave us this world to enjoy no matter where we are. What can you do today to love what is around you? What or who can you see differently and have a deeper gratitude for? What can you do to change the way you look at life? Here's a picture of what I was grateful for today.

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