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Happy Canada Day, See You Soon!

To my fellow Canadians, have a very happy Canada Day! I finally have a Canada T-shirt! Hurray!!!! And I have a small flag somewhere. I always hope that no matter where I travel to, that I represent my heritage and home countries of Trinidad and Tobago and Canada excellently. I spent a little time this week wondering what the first Canada Day might have been like. What did each person do? Did they have BBQ's, picnics and concerts of some sort like we do? Maybe BBQ wasn't around then.

I love so many things about Canada. It is majestic and awesome in beauty. One of the best things I ever did was the 4 day train trip from Vancouver to Toronto with my mom. What an incredible way to see many of the provinces. If you have a job where you can work remotely, wouldn't it be fun to live in each province for a period of time? Just a thought.

We are celebrating with ahem, Portuguese's a multicultural country right? Come to think of it, we might not have anything "Canadian" on the menu, but hey, we're celebrating anyway.

During my next trip to Toronto in July, I am looking forward to celebrating my mom's 80th birthday. She doesn't want any kind of big celebration. The number is big enough she said. Well, she gets the gift of me coming over to add some life into her day and taking her out to explore Ontario a bit more. I hope to see some of you soon. However you are enjoying the day, may God always keep our land glorious and blessed.

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