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I'll Be Home Before For Christmas!

After 2 years and 46 days, I will be home for Christmas. I can't contain my excitement! I missed so much over the past 2+ years. I was locked down in a different country during Covid. When I left Canada I had 2 nephews still in diapers. They're now in school. I no longer have a house to return to. Even that is bizarre, you know, returning to Canada without flopping into my yellow living room sofa and blue chairs, or my former bungalow style home by the lake where I could wake up and walk to Tim Hortons for my coffee.

I've lost my perception of what a Canadian winter feels like. I am arriving there like the characters in the 1993 Cool Runnings movie. They arrived in Calgary quite unprepared for the bitterly cold winter. I have light sweaters and a really light jacket, no hat, wooly scarf, boots nor gloves. I am traveling with my backpack and a beachbag. Thankfully it will be around 1 degree Celsius and not negative temperatures.

I made a list of experiences I want to have. I will look at Canada through a much different set of eyes. Not as one caught up in the rat race. I will see everything differently and with more depth perception - the people, the buildings, the climate, the system. I want to hear what they've been through while I was away. One of the the things I LOVE returning to enjoy in Canada the most is the food! Yes, you don't really hear about people talking about the food variety. I'm referring to the fact that there are restaurants from almost any country in the world. That's what I love. It's all right here in my back yard.

I want to hear "Welcome home" by the immigration officer. I want to drive on wide roads and the 4+ lane highway. I want to drive for a long time on a straight highway. I want to kiss and hug a house and plant a big fat smooch on some drywall and insulation. I so appreciate a properly insulated home after where I've been. Naturally, I will order a double toasted everything bagel with 1/2 butter from Tim Hortons. I don't remember what a bagel tastes like. I want an extra large coffee. I really want good Thai food and sushi as well as my fix of Caribbean food, especially from Michael's on Lakeshore. I might cry when I see a grocery store in Canada with the wide variety of foods I was used to. My favourite store in Canada is Giant Tiger and I'm heading there! Just for the fun of it, I'd like to experience winter running again. Most of all, I get to be with my family and friends FINALLY!!! I even made virtual friends while I was away and I will meet them too. We'll see if I remember how to skate on ice.

I was sharing my excitement with my friend Hillary, pictured below. There may even be more surprises while I am there. There is nothing like home sweeeeet home especially at Christmas.

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