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I Might As Well Dance!

What a week! It started with so much joy over the decision to move on and then the reality hit. I hit a wall. When I started to speak about it some more and started the packing and purging, my heart ached. Something must have happened to me since the last time I moved. I found myself being emotionally attached to little things. That's not how I responded in the past. I've been reaching out for support from my husband and friends, Joshua and Candy Carpenter (The Band Wanted) who live on a bus. They moved from a house, to an apartment and then the bus and had to downsize in a big way. Seeking support and being truthful about how I feel in the moment is helping tremendously. Ernest pointed out that I am using the wrong words in how I am choosing to look at the future. I've been saying "nomadic" and "wild ride" and my energy reflects it. Today I chose differently. I chose "JOYFUL ADVENTURE!" Once I plastered that banner on my day and my life, I was joyous! I got up and had a little dance.

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