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Innovative Ways To Live

We know where we are going to! We're heading into a loft studio. Downsizing from a house to a loft is opening opportunities for innovative ways to live. Since we don't really want to have too much furniture, and now won't have the space for it, we get to figure out ways to store things a bit differently.

Yesterday I looked at the loft's kitchen and realized that a set of four dishes is all we need. I'm not sure about the sleeping space as yet, whether I want it on the main floor or up on the bunk space. I think I was tired and the thought of crawling up to a bunk was not appealing at the time, but I am open to the experience. I'm excited to see the space again. It's under renovation, so no pictures as yet.

The great news is, there is room for a hammock, hooks already in place and all and there's a wonderful breeze that blows through the large loft windows. Would you believe that we recently received three hammocks? It's great to be able to put it to use.

God prepares us ahead of time. Back in 2015 I lived in a coach house and learned ways to keep my clothes in bins and on shelves neatly without having to buy a wardrobe or anything big and clunky like that. We found some "Instahangers", so we'll mount those to the wall and use it. I've lived in all kinds of different conditions - from very comfortable homes to rat infested/racoon loving/mold growing operations. I've had no furniture except for an air mattress, sometimes no air mattress and only a few cushions. We'll see how I adjust. I didn't always love it. I could not stand not having a couch to sit on at the end of the day. By nature I had not been the open/adventurous type of person, but I have learned and was reminded again recently in my leadership lessons that being bold and risk-taking are attributes that I needed to step into.

So here goes!

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