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Learning Languages

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I didn't exactly plan to be a digital nomad. Based on the way we chose to live, I fell into it. One of the most valuable things I am learning is the importance of learning different languages to be able to get around comfortably when I am traveling. I recently started to see life differently when I began to think of what the rest of my life might look like. It will involve more travelling to countries where I may not speak the language.

I was encouraged to keep learning Portuguese by one of my high school friends. What she said gave me a much needed boost of confidence and hope. She reminded me when I was in high school I was excellent at Spanish and French and had a love for languages. I thought about this and remembered "Yes!" I used to love French especially. It was almost as if I had a love affair with the French language. I've forgotten almost everything I learned. As a teen, I became more confident in speaking Spanish when we traveled to Margarita Island, just north of Venezuela. I was able to get around and communicate quite easily.

This inspired me to add Spanish to the languages I am currently learning. In six months I will consider adding French. In 2022 I will be able to speak 4 languages. Because I see it more as a necessity than a task, this has increased my desire to learn and there's an excitement I feel when I think that I might even want to learn more than 6 languages. Initially I used books, but I am finding Duolingo to be the most useful tool.

Who knows what I will choose to learn in 2023? Setting a goal of learning the saluations and being able to at least get around is a great start. It becomes easier at that point to take it further. Who knows? By being open to learning, it certainly expands the possibilities of where I will travel to.

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