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Let's Talk About Divorce

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This a pretty unusual topic, right? I've had so many opportunities to assist people who were undergoing divorce that I thought I would bring this topic to the forefront. I wish divorces didn't happen, but they do for various reasons. How do you prepare for such an event? Is it possible to understand someone who is going through this? People change during the process. Some become very different from how they were.

When I was undergoing divorce, I wish someone had told me some of the things I learned from this experience earlier in my life. I mean, long before I even had a relationship. Had I known these, I would have made different choices and been braver. I wish I knew about divorce before marriage.

I hope what I share supports you to understand what a person goes through in 5 key areas of their lives and that you will gain wisdom to know how to be kinder and more loving to someone in this predicament. To join me on Saturday January 22nd at 9 am please RSVP to for the Zoom link.

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