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Letting Go.

We're a week into June and it's been a busy week. Packing up has been more joyful than I imagined it would be. I found some real gems of memories! I found the first letters that some people wrote to me. Each one was full of information about them and where they were in life at that time. I found a letter I wrote to God last year during our last day on the cruise. It was so full of gratitude. I wrote about thanks for helping me to overcome the fear of swimming in deep waters and how I was overwhelmed by being able to experience what life was like in the sea and being fascinated by a parrot fish, seeing how stunning it is in its natural environment. I also found one of only two pictures of myself from my high school years and a book that helped me greatly many times in my life.

I started to let things go in my meditation it's helping me to detach from keeping all kinds of things and my body is becoming more relaxed. Out of the dozen boxes and some bags that I went through today, I have 4 boxes packed of things that I will keep. I'm so happy to give things up. Oh my goodness...and thrilled to shred my life away, endless papers that I no longer need to carry.

I love when God shows me something to remind me to keep going. This picture came up on June 3rd from Dr. Dyer's daily reminder. That's my intention, to remain flexible, be willing to change.

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