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Making The Big Shift Decisions

Somewhere in my journey of getting here, how I looked at life began to change. I was asked very important questions which I knew would radically change my life. These questions are the ones that one might take some time to think about because it could very well mean moving to a different country and leaving everything and everyone behind.

How I answered those life changing questions began to shift. I stopped thinking about all of the possibilities of things that could happen and my mind shifted to seeing myself on the very last day of my life.

I would ask my dying self if I should say "Yes" or "No" to the opportunity and would I regret it if I said "No". I am amazed at how quickly and clearly my dying self would answer me with a clarity that has changed my life. There's a trust that has formed in speaking to myself on the last day of my life. When the answer is "You will live with regret if you don't do this", I am given a feeling of joy for the journey and I proceed to say my big "YES!"

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