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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Tomorrow I am hosting a Zoom meeting to speak about "Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Let's Talk About Our Image". This is a topic that was requested by someone and it also came about as a result of my deepest thoughts after my Success Intelligence Mastermind journey. It was such a rich journey in defining who I am, that at the end of it I told my husband the greatest gift I received was I now understand my soul. Understanding my soul gave me a very deep appreciation for my body. I'm becoming less self-critical and judgmental as a result of this. I now have a deep love for this body that God gave me. I understand that we are here for a definite purpose and my desire now is for that purpose to be fulfilled.

I've also started to treat my body differently because I am seeing it differently. I no longer feed it junk food. I've modified what I eat to help my body to heal and perform better. This week I was very excited to restart my journey with exercise. When I hit the "Play" button for my exercise program, it was such a nostalgic moment. I felt as if I was with my long lost friend. I am really looking forward to my own transformation!

If you wish to join me tomorrow at 7 pm GMT or 2 pm EST, I would be happy to send you the Zoom link. You may contact me at

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