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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I am sorting out the kind of life that I want. Having lived in three countries, I love hot sunshine. I am rejuvenated when the hot summer arrives. Life comes into me. In winter I can be active, but that verve and spark that I have in sunshine is missing. I want a part of my year to be in a very warm climate. I love open windows, curtains flying in the wind, listening to the sounds of outside. Not just nature, even the hustle and bustle of life. The leaves of coconut trees have a particular rustling sound that I love when the wind blows.

I remember living in Trinidad where there was no air conditioning in our home, but the beautiful Caribbean breeze blew through it. What could be more calming, relaxing and naturally cooling than that? I loved hearing the sounds of the fish and ice trucks honking as they passed by and cars with loud speakers on the top of the car sharing public announcements of events happening nearby. With everyone's windows open and the breeze blowing, I knew what the neighbors were cooking and I would just take in the glorious smell. It was not unusual to walk over to the neighbor's house to inquire and ask for a sample if it smelled particularly great! This is one way we became friends with our neighbors.

Today I am stepping out into that glorious 37 degree Celsius sunshine and I will enjoy every minute of the day. I am inspired!

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