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Money Money Money...

Today we visited the Money Museum as it is within walking distance and it's free! We had fun putting Ernest's face on the currency and posing for the vault with the gold bar. I saw a red $20 bill from my home country, Trinidad and Tobago.

This is a great time to see the history of money as we don't know what the future of money will be with the current state of the world economically and talks that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to stay. Who knows if it will change and what it may change to? Who would have thought that metal knives and shells would have been currency in the past? So interesting!

I was thrilled to see coins in excellent condition from the time of Caesar Augustus and Nero and what a Denari looks like from what I have read in the Bible. At the end of it all, I am reminded of what Jesus said, you cannot serve both God and money. Either you will hate one or love the other.

In Portugal you can look for prix fixe menus. One can get more value for their money that way. The food pictures are an example of that, with the picture of the caramel pudding dessert missing. All of this cost 8 Euros and it included 2 beverages, like wine, water, coffee, tea pop or juice.

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