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My Misconception of Brasil

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My mom is writing this blog:

I grew up thinking that like my country Trinidad and Tobago, Brasil was very third world and its people were laid back, agricultural type and mostly indigenous. To my surprise I have discovered that Brasil is now a huge up and coming country, progressive in many ways, far beyond most of the other third world countries and can sustain itself it if needs to in food and manufacturing. It is a treasure trove of natural resources in many aspects and has won my admiration on every front. I hope and pray that the people of Brasil will always have a government that is interested in country rather than personalities for there is so much that Brasil can show the world and there are so many things that Brasil can give to the world as regards to its future in a world leader in the fight for preseveration of our planet and its resources.

I have found in my very brief stay that the people are very hardworking with a wonderful demeanour and very accomodating in every respect. Even the very poor try to make their daily living in difficult ways without complaining. I have learned to appreciate and respect them and they have my admiration. They make use of all of their local products and are proud to do so.

Brasil is a gateway to the world as it should be. I see seriousness in their protection of the environment even though there are those who are carried away by their greed for its natural resources. The fight for indigenous people continue and most have joined the indigenous in appreciation to who and what they are.

I have seen only a small part of Brasil but I also saw the pleasure that the people take in their country. That to me speaks volumes about their love for their country. I have not seen enough to satisfy my thirst for knowledge of the length and breadth of Brasil and hope to return soon. I marvel at the difference in temperatures from north to south and also the difference in the flora and fauna of the country. May God always bless Brasil and may they lead the world in protecting the environment for the future of all mankind.

Risel's note:

We are very very very sad to leave this big beautiful country today. We've all had a love affair with Brasil and hope to return as soon as we can. Tomorrow my mom wakes up in Canada and we say hello to Portugal.

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