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My Success List

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I've abolished the never ending To-Do List and replaced it with what I call My Success List. It's not the same thing. My To-Do List could very easily be filled with at least 35 things. I believe I mastered filling up the list to overflowing in the margins so that I could see it all on one page. I didn't realize that this was insanity until this year when I chose to slow down.

I transitioned to My Success List about a month ago. There was a period of adjustment because I had to adjust to the list being short and meaningful. I needed time to get over the feeling that many things were missing from it. Without the To-Do's, I felt as if a body part was missing. Thankfully, I am over that now.

My Success List is driven by my purpose, who I need to see and where I need to be. The page is divided down the middle. On one side, I keep track of the most important things that are upcoming in the next 3 months. On the other side I keep track of who needs to see me this week, where I need to be and what I need to work on to stay in my purpose. It is short and sweet and I noticed that I began to embrace My Success List every day. It gives me that knowing that I am on a journey of success. I never had my purpose written in my daily To-Do list, but seeing it now steers me in the direction of inspiration more and more. What's not to love about that?

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