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Naxos Island, Greece

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I often think about the great blessing of saying "Yes" to living a different life and actually doing it. Here in Naxos Island I feel as if I've walked into my own dream which I dreamt a long time ago. When we arrived here two days ago, we saw the most spectacular sunset that we've ever seen in our lives. The sunset was so clear and it was breathtaking seeing the sun change from bright yellow to egg yolk orange to a most gorgeous firey red, then slip away. The sun was not small. It appeared to be large. The food is phenomenal. The hospitality on this island is superb. This is a place to totally relax. If you are a workaholic, when you arrive here you won't want to work.

Yesterday we went to the beach. My expectations of a Mediterranean beach is from what I saw on TV, specifically looking at the old movie "Roman Holiday". In the movie, the water was very clear and I used to wonder what it would be like to simply dive in the way they did and what might the water feel like? Visiting Plaka beach yesterday demystified that. The sand was hot by the time we arrived, the water looked similar to the Caribbean but had the gorgeous Mediterranean blue hues in areas. I expected it to be warm. When I walked in it was very cool. I proceeded slowly to walk in a bit deeper and stopped to acclimatize. Finally I dunked my whole body in and WOW, how refreshing! It is warmer than Portugal's water, but don't expect Caribbean warm despite how inviting it looks. I surprised myself by staying in the water for several hours. When I stepped out and returned I felt better. The sand did not feel cold underneath my feet as it did in the lakes in Canada. The water temperature was 22 degrees Celsius. I was in awe that no matter how far I went into the sea I could always see my feet very clearly. The water is so clear it's like looking through glass. Even dreamier is being able to see Paros island next to Naxos so clearly and watch the ferries go by.

I spent some time being present with myself, realizing that I am in a "dream come true" moment. I remembered how often I would think about experiencing this and here I am, thanking God all the way for answering my heart's desire.

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