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Oh Canada!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Today is Canada Day. This year it is a reflective one as the country mourns with the First Nations, Metis and Inuit people due to the recent findings of unmarked graves of their children at former residential schools. I have seen documentaries about the indigenous people of Canada looking for their lost family members. Some of the atrocities that happened in the schools were mentioned, but the finding of these unmarked graves is truly horrific and heartbreaking.

As I pray over my country, my hope is that this wound opens up the process of healing and forgiveness in all of the ways and places it is needed.

Canada is a vast and very beautiful country. I have yet to experience the northern and eastern provinces and territories, but my gosh, God has a plan. In 2019 I took a spontaneous train trip with my mother from Vancouver to Toronto. It was one of my happiest and most memorable experiences. I was in such great awe of what I saw that I could not sit down on the train. I had to stand up and take in its majestic beauty.

That same year, thanks to my very thoughtful friend, I experienced my first powwow which is a celebration of the indigenous music, dances, regalia, food, and crafts. In 2020 we were in lockdown and I left Canada. I am so grateful for saying "Yes" to the adventures of 2019 which made me love my country even more. I love the blending of the different cultures in Canada and I've been able to experience them through courses, events, comradery and of course, food!

Oh Canada! I celebrate with you, I mourn with you and I love you.

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