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Oh Canada! I'm On The Edge Of My Seat

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My mind is very preoccupied by Canada these days. I can't help but be on the edge of my seat when I look at what's happening there with the truckers and the Freedom Convoy. The country is divided but I have never seen such an outpouring of support to this degree with so many people coming together to line the roads and highways especially in the bitterly cold temperatures. The constant sound of the horns from the trucks along the highways, thanking the people for their support brought tears to my eyes. The mandates for vaccines and vaccine passports have caused the us vs. them division and many of my fellow Canadians have had enough. If there was one time that I wished I could be there, it would be now to witness this myself.

Only God knows what will happen today, tomorrow and in the coming days with this stand for freedom. I see the struggles about getting information out into the media about all of this and the cries about the lack of fair reporting of information. I've reached out to Canadians in different provinces, strangers whom I did not know to inquire on what is happening in the towns in which they live. I receive love, kindness and gratitude in return for my concern and for looking on from Brazil.

I ask to you to pray for Canada today and in the coming days for the truth to be revealed, for peace, unity, love and for the success of what is best for the country in God's eyes and for His perfect plan to be fulfilled. Canada, we see thee rise!

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