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Soul Food In Canada!

This morning I was asked by my friend in Germany if I was enjoying Canada and eating real good. Food has been a wild experience for these past 5 days. Some of the things I longed for I've had in these first days, like my mom's cooking, Trinidadian doubles, Trinidadian Chinese food, Thai food, sushi, Tim Horton's. My friend accompanied me to Sherway Gardens, a shopping mall. She introduced me to bubble tea. For some reason I never tried it before but really enjoyed it especially the tapioca bubbles. I had a greater experience at the food court. As we were walking by the different places to eat, all of a sudden, my sense of smell started to go wild. For a moment I think I understood what it might be like to be a dog. I hadn't smelled these foods in such a long time. My sense of smell as trying to sort everything out. It was all pleasing.

Having my first taste of Thai food in over 2 years was a gift from God! I forgot how excellent it is as my sense of taste sorted out the different spices and sauces. Ernest and I craved really good sushi the entire time we were away. Having that was very big treat.

Yesterday I made a trip to the one place I've dreamt of revisiting, Michael's at 3067 Lakeshore in Etobicoke. As I traveled, I would salivate as I remembered what the food tasted like. I would often comment how much I missed it. I remember being on the beach in Brazil and saying "Some food from Michael's would be a good treat around now." When I lived in Etobicoke I found the food at this restaurant consistently delicious. It's my soul food place. On Thursdays when curried chicken is on the menu, you had to get there early because it would sell out. I would wake up on Thursdays and remind everyone it's Curried Chicken Thursday! We'd go early to avoid the lines. My favourites are the curried chicken, stewed chicken, oxtail, jerk chicken and curried goat. I've never tasted his fried chicken because everytime I went there it was sold out.

When I visited yesterday, I asked the lady behind the counter if Michael is a real person. She laughed and replied "Yes, he's in the back cooking." I asked if I could speak to him. She called him and he came to the front. I told him about how much I longed to revisit his restaurant and taste his food as I traveled to different countries. It's Caribbean, yes, but to me it has it's own soul food flavour, as if he cooks everything with so much love that it comes out into the flavourful food. He was so happy to hear my story. I promised I will return to enjoy more! Here's my very happy picture of Mr. Michael and me.

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