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Start With Peace

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

My morning routine has certainly changed since I began Success Intelligence Mastermind. I used to wake up, spend time with God, then I would start doing all of the things that I felt I had to.

What a difference it's made by learning how to start my day with peace. I now find something peaceful to look at or listen to and not rush my life away. This year I've stopped to listen to the symphony of birds more than any year in my adult life. This is heaven to me. It slows down my heart rate. I feel and experience God's presence and guidance more.

As I write this, I am watching the sunrise. I've opened the door for the coolness of the morning to come in. I hear the birds singing from the clump of trees in front of my balcony. They are my personal orchestra. Each beautiful sound is an instrument of my morning peace. Top that off with the church bells of Fatima now ringing at 7 am to the tune of Ave Maria in the background. Ah, this is heaven indeed!

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