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Take Care of Yourselves

Today is push day, meaning, it's the day before the home stager arrives and the big clean-up happens. I'm taking an early morning break and catching up on what is important to me.

Lately I've been reaching out to complete strangers from posts I am seeing. So many people are crying out for help, for prayers, for anything to comfort them through this time of COVID-19. Many are in different countries and whatever the reasons are, they are struggling to cope. One person posted 2 days ago that all she sees is despair around her. I replied that I see what she sees, yet I see so much love around me, people caring for others, new innovative businesses being developed, families uniting, the support of small businesses in my community, I see opportunities to thrust my goals far ahead while the world is still. The sun still shines, the moon is still present, the flowers bloom, we are breathing cleaner air and God continues to shower His love upon us, if only we can see it. I see opportunities to pray. Proverbs 23:7 reminds us "For as he thinketh in his heart so is he."

One of the people whom I recently spoke to is a friend of mine since high school. I saw her website and something caught my eyes. She is a life coach for personal and corporate clients, but I saw something that stood out. She helps with overcoming rape and sexual abuse to help find a positive, enriching and fulfilling way forward. This is among other things like finding joy, business coaching and help through life's challenges. Her website is Please, if you need healing from trauma of any kind or are struggling to cope with whatever the issue is, please, please, please reach out for support. I've received coaching and it has helped me to heal, to shift, gain perspective and more.

We all need a hand up at times in our lives. I am here too, always willing to pray and support in the best ways that I can. How comforting it is when there is even one person to walk through the journey of life with us, especially when we are challenged.

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