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Taking Another Leap of Faith

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I had a moment of inspiration today. I was sitting and looking at the format of websites. Out of nowhere I heard this small voice telling me it's time to do a live Zoom meeting. It caught me off guard. As I sat with the thought some more, I said "YES". Yes, in order to grow I get to step out again and do something different in my life.

I have someone working on the invitation. I'm praying about the date. The topic has come to my mind as well as some material to look at, think about and discuss. What would be the point of my life if I didn't share my purpose with the world? My purpose is to inspire others. It is to be a light and to use God's light.

I can't explain it but today felt like the first day of work for me. This means working on this new part of me, putting myself out there and allowing myself to be inspired and to grow. I've learned nothing happens until I make a move. It's a new day one. Robert Holden reminds us that we are not here for spiritual entertainment. We are here to be somebody and we have a purpose to fulfill. At this point in my life, I'd rather get my message out than live a life of regret. Who knows where this journey will take me?

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