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The Answers Lie In The Questions

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

This Year of Change is really teaching me many new things. The year started with a change in mindset from Success Intelligence. This is what I was encouraged to do: Show up in life and the Mastermind not in my normal role. Let my normal role sit down for awhile because my normal role is the skin that I need to shed to move on to the next level of success.

This opened up so much possibility in my life. I also began to experience myself differently and inquired out into the air, certain things about myself that I didn't have answers for. One of the things that I questioned was why when I was growing up I was never taught to question things. I seemed to live in a culture of acceptance. Also why at conferences the same five people were the ones to ask questions? It was guaranteed that these few would ask a question and the rest of us would remain silent.

I am reading the book "The Book Of Beautiful Questions" by Warren Berger. Very early on the answer was provided that schools can teach us to conform and to ask questions meant that you were unintelligent, so many people just listened and didn't develop the curiosity or the skill of asking questions. Maybe it came from the old belief that children are to be seen and not heard. I also remembered for almost all of my life I was told what to do and I did it. When I had to live away from home, my questions were in the form of asking permission, even though I was free bird.

There are some countries that I have traveled to and I've experienced the same issue. People just do not ask questions. They simply accept that this is the way it is. When I question them on why they are not asking questions openly, they reply that it is considered rude, inappropriate or they are too shy to ask. They feel comfortable asking questions in private. Opportunity, wisdom, clarity, knowledge and understanding are some of the things that are lost when questions are not asked.

Now I see areas of my life where I could have done much better had I questioned things. I'm grateful that I discovered this now because I am full of beautiful questions.

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