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The BIGGEST SUCCESS of this week!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Hands up! It was my first Zoom meeting on Wednesday where I presented the topic of self-love to a closed group. I prayed often. God gave me the topic. I felt unqualified to speak about it, but God came through as He always does. It was an exhilarating experience for me! I felt so much on purpose, I was asked to do more forums like these and even I wanted more.

I will continue to do these monthly until God tells me it's time for a change. He has to give me the topic. On Thursday morning, as I woke up, I asked God "How did you qualify me for this?" He took me back to all of the presentations that I did for the insurance industry: the work, the dedication, the joy and the presenting. Some of the things I presented baffles me now. They were not easy to study and speak about, but I was diligent and passionate about making it work.

Looking ahead, I can see there's a whole lot of learning to do to be able to speak, teach, lead and love as God wants me to. Here's a picture of me immediately after the Zoom call. I wanted to see what true on-purpose happiness looks like on me.

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