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The Caribbean of Brazil

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My very first glimpse of Brazil from the aeroplane was of the eastern coast when we arrived here in December of last year. It is called the Caribbean of Brazil because it is breathtaking. From the air, I saw gorgeous blue and green waters. I longed to put my feet right there. Last week we traveled to this area. It has been a dream come true! It is just like the Caribbean.

We experienced the low tide/high tide phenomenon. At night, we saw people walking on sand where the sea once was. We happened to see it again yesterday morning. When the tide is low, the sea water recedes very far into into the ocean. What was the sea bed at high tide is gone and we were able to walk for about a kilometre away from the shore and stand in water that was only up to our shins. If we had walked further along, we would be on a reef.

I enjoy waking up before the sunrise and starting my day. At the beach I am always more peaceful and happier! Two weeks ago when I spoke about Let's Talk About Wealth, I shared step by step the footprint of how Ernest and I live the way that we do. This life at the beach and of traveling is our wealth. We will have another session later in March on the calculations we used to determine how to live this life. It wasn't just sell everything and leave. There were calculations and methods to follow. These supported us in accomplishing our goals 5 years earlier than planned.

This coming Saturday March 5th was supposed to be Let's Talk About Vulnerability. I am moving it ahead by one week to Saturday March 12th at 9 am EST instead. This will be the last Zoom meeting in my "Let's Talk About" series. I will move on to something new in the spring. Please RSVP to for the link.

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