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The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

What better time to really look at someone in the eyes than now? With masks covering much of the face, the eyes tell the story of the person. I've been paying attention to the eyes of the people I am speaking to, while their masks are on. The eyes tell its own story.

It's so easy to see whether the person is joyful, sad, upset, detached, worried, disengaged and I even saw eyes of deep gratitude before a person expressed it. The eyes can express what the mouth sometimes cannot say.

There are so few people out and around now. Looking at someone's eyes gives me an idea of how people are feeling through this pandemic. The truth is seen when I can look at them when they are disengaged. I did see worry before one restaurant closed, however, I see more hope, surrender and I thank God that I continue to see joy despite the circumstances.

The faster I lived my life, the less I would spend time looking at people in the eye and connecting through our conversation. My eyes would be all over the place, looking for the next thing to focus on, but not the person.

What a great way to connect with someone by looking at them in the eye and having a meaningful conversation, especially at a time like this.

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