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The Music of Brasil

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

In the past I used to think of the music of Brasil as solely drum based. During the Carnival season I experienced a bit of it. I discovered the accordian and the triangle are two very popular musical instruments in this country. When I first heard this combination, it reminded me of Middle Eastern music. As a former belly dancer, the sound of these instruments started to get me into my dance groove. The song changed and there was more of a Caribbean calypso beat. I changed my rhythm and dance accordingly. I'm fascinated at how wonderfully the accordian and triangle complement each other.

Music is such a large part of life here. There are musicians in restaurants and bars, especially on the weekends. Every evening, the main square of Joao Pessoa is teeming with people. There's always upbeat songs playing plus one particular sound that drowns out everything else. This comes from a blind lady who appears in the square diligently each night. She is assisted with someone who holds her hand and carries her speaker and microphone. She sings for at least 3-4 hours each night without taking a break. When she's not there, it's as if something is missing from the night.

Some of these songs from the Brasilian summer of 2022 are now etched in my mind. I don't know what they are singing in Portuguese, but I will remember the tunes to 2 songs in particular. When I hear them I get nostalgic. I will carry these songs with me whenever I think of Brasil.

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