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The One Who Leads The Way

This experience of moving on is very profound, especially as I pray over everything. Prayer is like a 24/7 experience for me. When I learned to trust God, I had to learn to also trust His guidance and timing. That required me to pray, wait and see how He answers. Only then do I know what my next step is.

What have these last couple of days been like? Praying for strength. It takes a lot of physical strength to de-clutter and clean, emotional strength to move things on, strength of temperament to be calm and also to know that God gave us emotions to be released and not to hold on to them and choke ourselves.

Yes, I've had moments of being emotional when the first batch of things left the house. The reality hit again. And yet, I have God comforting me, I see how He is guiding my every step, He is taking care of everything I do and granting me peace for the day.

Now I see how well God has prepared me for this experience. I've lived in hotels so often in the past 2 years that a hotel suite feels like my home and I am happy there. Whatever you are going through today, know that God is preparing you for the next move, the next steps, the next adventure in your life and He loves you enough to move you along to where He wants you to be. Just as the flowers bloom in a miraculous way each spring, the One who leads the Way is faithful.

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