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The Road Less Traveled

Yesterday I needed inspiration. When I moved from one place to another which was already arranged, moving was easy, almost mindless. I simply packed up my belongings and took them to the other place. Walking and moving by faith is different. In Genesis 12:1Abraham was told to go from his country, his people and his father's household to the land that God will show him (no name, no direction). Jesus said take nothing for the journey, no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt in Luke 9:3. This is what it feels like right now. We have an idea of the direction but do not know where, when and in wisdom, we wait on God.

I was tired on all levels last night. Going through my things is emotional and I am learning to put joy into it. I felt I needed some inspiration and assurance. As I took a break, I looked at my emails and found a podcast sitting there for me from Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my greatest teachers about life, love, and inspiration. At the very end of his message were these two slides which gave me that big boost that I needed and I said "YES!" I know that moving along will inspire me more and more to live, learn and grow.

In the podcast, Dr. Dyer discussed his fork in the road where he had to make a decision to either lead a life of comfort and stability of being a university professor with tenure all the days of his life, guaranteed income, guaranteed job, guaranteed mundane or choose to live the road less traveled. When I looked back on my life, I know exactly where the fork in the road occurred for me. If I stayed with the life of stability and comfort, I would still be in Mississauga in a house, an interesting but stressful job, always trying to find a balance in life and living a routine life.

This road less traveled which I've chosen has taken me to more places than I've already dreamed of, met people from all walks of life and I'm learning things that I ought to know, but didn't: humility, love, compassion and more. I'm able to give of myself in more meaningful ways and I believe, used by God in more meaningful ways. Yes, it is a faith walk, but the road less traveled is where I find it easier to meet God and have a total reliance on Him.

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