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The Toilet Paper Phenomenon

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The toilet paper phenomenon is not the bizarre scarcity issue that happened last year. Sometimes in life when something does not make sense and it disturbs me enough, I am beginning to wonder if it is in preparation for something that I will encounter in the future. This is how the toilet paper phenomenon started with me. In Trinidad and Canada, every place I have lived in except for one, had the toilet paper holder to the left or right of the throne, attached to the wall or the side of the vanity. In my last home, the builder attached it to the back wall. It drove me crazy because I felt as if I was always doing this back hand thing to reach the paper. Eventually I found a solution, but I could not get over the logic of why in the world it was placed there. Fast forward to one year and four months later, I am in Portugal where that is exactly where the paper is placed, against the back wall and in every place I have been to!

I shared with Ernest that this way of living is teaching me something about beds, sofas and kitchens. I had been bothered by these at different times in our travels, but now I am aware that there is something to learn. When we have our dream home, the mattress must be medium to soft. I want to feel as if I am sleeping on a cloud after many concrete mattress experiences. One mattress in particular felt as if the springs were made of cast iron. The sofa is one that I want to flop into and enjoy. I do not want my sofa to be stiff and formal. The kitchen will be a very different experience for me. In my travels I've learned to get by in a kitchen with a knife only, no cutting board. In one case I didn't even have a proper place to chop things. When I was younger, people used to ask me where all of my kitchen gadgets were. I had one, the blender. Many people found this bizarre. I used to tell them a knife was all I needed. Voila! Little did I know it would prepare me for where I am today to enjoy the simplicity of life. As it says in the picture below, let's just roll with it, whatever those experiences are that I might have considered a nuisance. It is a big blessing in disguise.

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