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The Wonders of Life

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Life has always been a bit of a mystery to me. My thoughts about it have changed over the years. Some of my favourite books to read are about people's experiences of life and afterlife as well as near death experiences. In my teens and twenties I've had my share of these supernatural experiences. It's not something I speak about publicly. Perhaps I am more courageous today because of the book I'm reading, Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim.

My maternal grandmother is the person I've had the closest connection to in the afterlife. She's appeared twice in two different forms. The first time was to deliver a message and reassure me about my own life. She bent down and kissed me before she left. The second was very strange where I had to go where she sent me to be assured that everything was okay and to assure the family I visited that she was there and she cared. She was watching over them.

I have had a near death experience as well where I came out of my body and looked at it lying there. I floated a bit higher and I saw what was happening in my home and neighbourhood. As I was ascending, everything became brighter. At some point, I was stopped and questioned by God. I was sent back because it was not my time to die and I was told I had things to fulfill for Him.

I've had some more of these experiences including another encounter with God. I can remember at least 3 times when I encountered angels. In the book it says people who have had them never forget it. I agree. The memories remain vivid in our minds. The author says people who've had them don't really speak about them and when they do, they usually start by saying "I don't tell anyone about it". Fear of being judged by our families, friends and communities in which we live and work were the top reasons why they're kept secret. I consider this a part of my spiritual life and my journey with God.

What I am really grateful for is what I learned today. There's always one commonality: love. Love is always present. Love in some form is always the message, the lesson, the assurance. Peace and happiness are present each time. I'm never frightened by what happens. I'm left in wonder and awe.

Just as my grandmother assured me that everything will be okay when she visited me the first time, this is the second commonality. We're reassured that everything will be okay. Everyone who was sent back after dying was also told they are being sent back because their purposes have to be fulfilled. That was the message I received as well. I wonder about that today. We can live our lives not thinking we aren't on purpose, but we may very well be. This is what I am thinking about today.

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