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There's always ice cream.....

Everything is just zooming by these days. I feel like I am in a Corvette without brakes. Somehow in the midst of the chaos where I just can't see clearly what the outcome of all of this will be, I know that choosing less will be good as there will be less things to be responsible for. I am praying that the result of this big purge will be the smoothest and easiest move we've ever had. I am already breathing a big sign of relief as I see so fewer boxes around me. Right now we are left with only 4 furniture items. The rest are boxes.

After a very hectic morning and afternoon, I could have started up again and kept going, but I decided I needed something different. Something to energize me, keep me in my joy and something that I could just sit and enjoy. AHA! There it was - a gift from God - ICE CREAM!!! Just sitting and savoring that one cone and being in the moment in the sunshine with it was worth all of work that I've done so far.

Tonight I am taking a break. My mind, body and spirit needs it as we have been through a lot.

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