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Three More Months In Brazil

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This week we applied for an extension of our stay in Brazil and were succesful in receiving this blessing. This country continues to fascinate me and I am looking forward to some more travel, including to the Amazon before we leave.

I continue to be awed by the people and noticed something that I had not seen before in other countries. In other places, people sit down or stand up and extend their hands to beg. Everywhere I have been in Brazil so far, no one is stationary, nor do they extend their hands to beg. Instead, they walk around and ask for what they need. In many of the places we visited, it was customary for people to walk into the restaurants and ask for money or try to sell something, usually candy of some kind. The ask is very polite and respectful.

What's even more interesting is the kindness of Brazilians. They don't speak harshly to anyone who asks for something. They either give what they can or speak very kindly to the person when they do not have money to give or do not want what the person is offering. I haven't seen them physically turning away from a person who is approaching them nor avoiding eye contact with the person.

When money is received, the recipient shows gratitude, is very respectful and very often blesses the giver with "God bless you". When we gave more than the person expected, the expression on the person's face is priceless. I have seen joyful expressions with so much gratitude in it, I'll never forget the person's face. It's like winning the lottery to them. In another case, the person was stunned, wanted to cry but that expression of confusion and thanks over the grace that was given is the one of the greatest memories of this trip. My intention is to really enjoy the country and people even more in these next three months.

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