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Vacation Time!

Today I had a great conversation with myself about all kinds of things. Have you ever done that? I received answers. One of the things that my self told me was I needed a vacation. I was a bit stunned by this because my thought was "We're in lock down, why have a vacation?" My self is very wise. She replied "All you do is work. You need to experience yourself while on vacation with no planning. Stop doing and start being. No doing should be done while on vacation except whatever you really want to do to embrace your creative side."

"My gosh", I thought. I do not remember having a vacation like this. I realized in that moment that I can fill up my cup with coloring, drawing, reading, writing, exercising, walking on the beach, soaking in the sun and have no sense of time for once in my life. I wonder what will happen to my creativity when I do that?

I had a fleeting thought that this could be an unusual vacation, like going nowhere. My self quickly pointed out that it's not that I am going nowhere, but that I will finally be now here, present with myself.

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