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Wake Up And Go To The Beach

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

What's your favourite place to be? For me, it is the beach. Since last week I've made another decision to maximize my experience here. This means being in the water at around 5 am. It's exhilariting! The water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. The sun has not yet come up but there is light so I am able to see what is around me. Having fun floating, jumping up and down with the waves, treading the water and eventually watching the sun rise from the horizon sets the context for a happy day. I even wonder if there's anyone on the other side of the ocean, in Angola, enjoying the sea. Being here allows my mind to wander and consider things that just might be possible in life, like where I would like to visit next. What else would I like to do in life? What do I need to learn first to understand my next steps? What knowledge gaps do I need to fill? How is my life changing and what do I need to support the changes? Who do I need to speak to next about my next steps? How do I meet new people with the skills I need to support my new life? How can I change my attitude to a more supportive, happier, less judgemental and successful one? Where else in my life can I be more humble? I put all of my questions, desires and thoughts up to God and thank Him for answering.

By the time I leave the water at around 6 am, the scene at the beach changes to the exercisers added to the picture. There are people doing yoga, walking, running, cycling, stretching, group exercises, weight lifters and swimmers. In Brasil, there's always music playing somewhere, so this adds life to the scene.

Today I wondered how many people actually move to their favourite place in the world? Or, do people move to their favourite place in the world when they are faced with the reality of their mortality? What stops someone from moving there sooner and enjoying life to the fullest? After all, isn't being in your happy place supposed to change you in a positive way to live a more meaningful and successful life? Why wait until the end of life to be in a happy place?

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