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What I Learned In A Year Without Goals

I began to set goals each year when I was in my twenties. I did it on my own and didn't follow any particular structure. It was more of an understanding I had with myself regarding what I wanted my life to look like. Over time I found this method worked so well, I expanded my thinking to setting goals 5 years into the future.

Through personal development classes, I learned a more structured way of goal setting. My goals were more meaningful and I found there was focus and clarity in what I was accomplishing. I became very used to this method which included accountability partners. With this type of support I learned that I can set bigger goals and accomplish them.

In 2022 I decided to move away from goal setting to experience what life would be like. I learned to let go more and found inspiration by trusting God and having faith that He will show up to help me. I added more spontaneity into my life which brought unexpected pleasures and joy. I was kinder to myself. I cared less about things that used to bother me. I experienced how much my thoughts drive the direction of my life. As much as these contributed to my growth, I continually felt as if a body part was missing by not having goals. I became less focused and there were times when I needed clarity. Because I didn't have a plan, confusion sometimes showed up.

For 2023 I am setting goals again and changing the format. I want to marry the inspiration I experienced this year to the goal setting techniques. I've changed some of my goal categories to include what I want to experience more of in life, like fun and family. I am asking myself questions I had not considered before. Goals are not just a matter of doing, but also being. So, how can I change to be the person I want to be? What will future me look like? How may I serve others in each category? What is at the very core of what I wish to accomplish in each category? What are the gaps that I need to fill to succeed? Looking inward allows me to consider my areas of continued growth: my belief in God, knowledge gaps, courage gaps, risk gaps. Filling gaps has helped me to gain wisdom and become more fearless.

I've had a goal for a foreign investment. This goal was written in the past, over 6 years ago. I didn't know how to do it nor where and when it would happen. It took some time as I needed to learn certain things in order for this goal to be fulfilled. I mean, in the timeline of my life, it took 5 years of learning through life experiences, attending classes, living abroad and reading books in for this to be accomplished. If I didn't learn what I did, I would not have recognized when the opportunity was before me. I had no fear in saying "Yes" when I recognized THIS IS IT!

I am also considering what have I not done before in my life that I really want to do in 2023? Is there a particular place or person that I would like to visit and why? This is a thought about goals and inspiration: when we stop dreaming, we decay and our essence begins to die. Engaging in our dreams, goals and visions for a brighter future maximizes the awesome experience of life at its fullest.

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