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When A Blessing Becomes A Reality

I am going through all kinds of things I had in storage. I found the letter I received from my Member of Parliament when I became a Canadian citizen. The blessing in the letter became my reality. It says "May you find in Canada inspiration to pursue your dreams, opportunity as you journey to realize them and friends with whom you share your success." As I think back of my journey of being a Canadian citizen, it has indeed been that and more.

I have been able to do things in this country that I was unable to do in the country where I was born. I have shared my success with friends and family and continue to do so. Canada has taught me not to forget the community around me not only where I live, but the seeing the whole country as my community. I now see it as the whole world.

I am enjoying my time being back. I've knocked off several things from my list of things I wanted to do immediately and people whom I had to see after such a long time. The multiculturalism of this country makes me smile each time I have an experience of it. I have enjoyed excellent conversations with my Uber and taxi drivers. One of them was a new Canadian. His story brought back so many memories of my first few years in this country. I was doing whatever it took to adapt and grow with the little I had.

I am eating the variety of food that's here to enjoy from so many places and I am finding out where I can try dishes from other countries or what their foods might taste like. My taste buds and sense of smell continue to be in overdrive. I've had to fast in between meals. I simply could not keep up with everything on my food wish list. I even enjoyed the ice rink and ice cold weather. I might have an ice cream outside in the cold just for the fun of it, you know, to see how ice cream does not melt in the winter.

I finally had the road trip I've dreamt of, on the long stretch of highways. It was easy and breathtaking to see the countryside. Freezing rain hit me some point and I didn't mind it. I knew what to do. So many things that I had forgotten, my subconscious did not and my memory cells are helping me to adapt. I can't believe that I am very comfortable driving a car that's bigger than a Smart car! The roads and parking spots have so much room to maneuver the car, I don't have to hold my breath. I had to scrape ice off my car and marveled at the ice scraper, how foreign that might be to people in the countries I've visited. I even drove into busy downtown Toronto and didn't mind it at all.

The rest of the letter from my Member of Parliament sums it up well. "We're all always learning to be Canadians. And we are all teaching one another." Yes, I've learned so much from so many cultures. There's something very beautiful about not just sharing my culture but embracing someone else's. It is a part of the journey that defines us as Canadians. We're exposed to so many people from countries all over the world and we get to enjoy their festivals, food and culture. Canadians are looked upon as kind hearted and peace loving. It is certainly what I aspired to be when I took my citizenship oath. Yes, I am proud to be Canadian!

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